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Ahlia with the bass


Ahlia Demas is a free spirited woman-child. So I have been described off and on in my life. She writes poetry with a hook, short fictional thrillers, animation scripts, general content, and on a good day she will come up with something clever to say. She has been in print in several literary publications though she would jokingly say it was being printed in comic book ‘Tales of the Crypt” that she knew she was a writer.

Ahlia Demas Grave site with spring time flowers


But enough talking in the third person when I am Ahlia Demas in the flesh. Currently, I am being labeled a person with some mental issues. But not to worry folks, I am an internalist. I am not like those who have to call attention to themselves by the mass assassination of innocent people. How selfish they are. Perhaps it is the ones most afraid to die that makes the biggest noise. Me, I rather remain quiet and unexpecting to do my versions of “The End”. I just want to sleep taking no pain on the way out. Just close the curtains. Good Night.

But seriously, I am here, for the dog, for the Penguin Gretsch and maybe Peter wants me around for whatever reason we don’t talk that much like the old days. I can’t even have a conversation of substance with Tom. He wants me to stick around. I guess I just can’t forget the things I know of for the reason is he was feeling insecure. Dah if anyone was feeling insecure all these years after. Entertaining of getting some outside the relationship and further doing it around people thata will meet me and I am the fool again. Hate that and the lies I am stuck for now. Might as well make a good go at it. Work on those projects I have set aside for so many years. I can’t let the bastard win. I am sorry for all the pain you must have been going through, but I am glad you are gone and I am still standing, alive. I am just tired of the fear and shakiness you left me with.

Beetle painted

So I will just paint my beetle .