AhhFlee Publishing

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AhhFlee Publishings a self-publishing company for poet and writer, Ahlia Demas. Coming out this summer of 2018 will be her third poetry collection, Stained Sheets’ through this self publishing company of hers. Her previous two chapbooks, ‘Snow Fox’ and ’20 Sunsets’, were printed out through SpY Wold Enterprises.

Poetry is not the only thing she writes. She also has written scripts for animation and live action. She also participated .in the November Novel in a Month challenge. complete her book of 50K words in 20 days.

After we have Stained Sheets out and do the book tour Ahlia plans on working on her next prject, “Short Termed Memory” which will be filled with short stories some of which are taken from her real life. Fun part is guessing what is real and what is fauly memories.

While we will be marketing ‘Stained Sheets’ and working on ‘Short Termed Memories’ we will still offer editing and proofreading service at a reasonable rate to other poets and fiction writers either a short story or a full novel manuscript.